Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills


For companies, and business meetings, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your organization has effective communication. Many problems that occur in an organization or at meetings are often the result of people failing to communicate, or communicate effectively.

The emphasis of this course is on you and how you communicate. During the course, ‘what you do’ will be examined and practised through a series of experiential learning activities. Most of the time will be spent participating in challenging scenarios. You will leave the course with a personal action plan identifying the key changes to make and skills to practise to build your self-confidence and improve your communication techniques.

Three of the skills that ensure communicate is effective are to ensure:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation.
  • you must make your message understood
  • you must receive/understand the intended message sent to you
  • you should exert some control over the flow of the communication


Should you request more details or outline of the course, please do not hesitate to contact us, as one of our team will be very pleased to help you.

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