Introduction To Intellectual Property

Introduction To Intellectual Property

Introduction To Intellectual Property

The course introduces delegates to the basics of the intellectual property system and the importance of protecting it. Areas covered include patent, copyright, trademark, design and domain. The course looks at UK, European, international law and Middle East.

Intellectual property issues become more and more important in our society. In order to prepare participants for their future challenges in research, industry or start-ups, this course introduces them to the foundations of the intellectual property system. It explains links to contract, antitrust, Internet, privacy and communications law where appropriate. While the introduction to these areas of the law is designed at a general level, examples and case studies come from various jurisdictions, including UK, the European Union, international law and Middle East.

Knowing how the intellectual property system works and what kind of protection is available is useful for all participants who are interested in working in industry or in starting their own company. Exposing delegates to the advantages and disadvantages of the intellectual property system enables them to participate in the current policy discussions on intellectual property, innovation and technology law. The course will include practical examples and case studies as well as guest speakers from industry and private practice.

At the end of the course students will learn:


  • Definition of all Intellectual Property Vocabulary.
  • The Importance of protecting Intellectual Property.
  • The difference between WIPO, OHIM and Madrid Agreement.
  • Nice Agreement Classifications for goods and services.
  • How to deal with Hague System for designs.
  • The difference between domain names and methods of registration and protection.



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